​​New York State Baseball Hall of Fame



*To purchase tickets call (518) 877-5170. Tickets are $75 and there is limited seating available. Location: HILTON HOTEL, TROY, NY

Mission Statement / Selection Process

The New York State Baseball Hall of Fame operates a bit differently in its selection process than most other Hall of Fames.  Inductees are selected based on a “body of work” and service to the game rather than statistically based. While statistics do factor, it is the contributions made by the inductee and the way in which it impacted the game, left their mark so to speak. The longevity in service to the game, on any level is important. We are honored to reward and recognize an inductee for their “love of the game”. 

     LEE MAZZILLI                   FRANK VIOLA               DENNIS LEONARD                JOHN FLAHERTY

2017 Commemorative Edition

2014 Edition

2016 Commemorative Edition 

    JOHN FRANCO                   WILLIE RANDOLPH               JIM MECIR                    KEN SINGLETON                       

*Check out a video the YES Network made while attending the 2015 Hall of Fame Induction ceremony . Click the play icon to watch the video!

2013 Edition

2015 Commemorative Edition

ANDY VAN SLYKE             OMAR MINAYA                  WALT WEISS                  SHAWON DUNSTON           B.J. SURHOFF